1. I think it’s really over now.  How did I get here? The memories flood by in a blur—nothing makes sense anymore.  In my mind, I see them all, their faces, their courage, their deaths, or worse—the loss of their humanity.  I tried to be a hero, but I couldn’t save them.  I will NEVER become one of those monsters!  I would rather die.  Death doesn’t scare me anymore.  Come, Friend, and we will leave this **** for good. 

    —This is the suicide letter that acts as my artist statement (in final form it is a handwritten note).

    © Hannah Devaney

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From the artist formerly known as Hannah Devaney, comes a blog of epic proportions! Armed with a license to shoot and a killer Macbook, the world will not know what hit them--the PHOTO NINJA! (If you are standing there with your jaw hanging open in mixed horror and awe at this predicted event, DO NOT FEAR! Of course the world won't know what hit them--a good ninja is NEVER seen!!!!) So, Live like there is no tomorrow. Laugh like milk is meant to shoot out of your nose (it is just another form of semi-harmless shooting...). And savor the sound of the shutter! Over and out.


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